The Loose Goose

Lunch & Dinner


House-Made Foccacia with Tomato Relish 12
House-Made Foccacia with Olive Oil & Balsamic 12
House-Made Foccacia with both 14
Bruschetta of Sobrassada Salami with Mixed Mushroom Herbs & Goats Curd
(Gluten Free option available)


‘Freshly Shucked Premium Oysters’ 1/2 DOZ
Natural* 18 33
Kilpatrick* 19 35
Rice Wine Vinegar & Wakame 19 35


Angel Hair Pasta with Prawns, Olives, Chilli, Garlic, Goats Curd & Dill 22
Beef & Zucchini Croquettes with Cucumber Salsa, House Made BBQ Sauce 18
Gnocchi with Cauliflower, Broccolini, Hazelnut & Sage 18
Curry Spiced Seared Scallops with Pumpkin Puree, Semi Dried Tomato, Confit Celery & Herb Salad* 20
Chicken Pate with Duck Fat Toast & Onion Jam  (Gluten Free option available) 18
Twice Baked Three Cheese Soufflé with Pumpkin and Truffle Cream* 19


Pressed Lamb Shoulder with Peperonata, Parsnip, Potato Rosti & Roquette Pesto* 34
Braised Beef Cheek with House Made Gnocchi, Vegetables & Gremolata 34
Crispy Skinned Barramundi with Cavolo Nero, Black Mussel & Saffron Chowder* 35
Risotto of Seafood with Smoked Barramundi Crème Fraiche (Calamari, Prawns, Scallops)* 34
300g Char Grilled Sirloin with Potato Dauphinoise, Onion Puree, Onion Rings, Onion & Thyme Crumb, Jus* 36
Pork with Rubble Mash, Coriander & Pineapple Salsa, Broccolini & Crackle, Jus* 35

Side Orders

Chips with Tomato Sauce & Aioli* 7
Crushed Chat Potatoes with Roasted Garlic Butter* 7
Steamed Green Vegetables with Truffle Vinaigrette* 7
Roquette, Roasted Pumpkin, Pine Nut & Semi Dried Tomato Salad* 8


1 x cheese @ 18 | 2 x cheeses @ 24 | 3 x cheeses @ 30

Blue – Roquefort Papillon, France  
Gruyere – Will Studd Comte La Couronne, France  
Brie – Savour & Grace, Adelaide Hills SA  
‘all cheeses served with a selection of Crackers and Quince Paste’(Gluten Free option available)  


Tia Maria Chocolate Fondant with Cherry Ice Cream & Macerated Berries* 14
Banana & White Chocolate Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream 14
Vanilla Pannacotta with Berry Compote, Frangelico Sponge, Hazelnuts & Mint 14
Five Spiced Rum Creme Brulee with Pecan & Golden Syrup Cookie 14
Dessert Affogato – A cup of delicious Vanilla Bean Ice Cream accompanied by a shot of Espresso & a shot of Liqueur of your choice of Frangelico, Baileys, Tia Maria, Kahlua, Amaretto, Cointreau and more… 16

Vegetarian Menu

Frittata with Onion Rings, Onion Jam, Pumpkin & Roquette Salad*   23
Twice Baked Three Cheese Soufflé with Pumpkin & Truffle* 19  
Risotto of Pumpkin & Sage* (served as Entree or Main) 18 26
Risotto of Mushroom & Truffle with Goats Curd* (served as Entree or Main) 19 27
Gnocchi with Cauliflower, Broccolini, Hazelnut & Sage (served as Entree or Main) 18 26
Stir Fry Vegetables in Sweet Soy with Hazelnuts, Chilli & Cori-ander   24
Roasted Cauliflower with Onion Puree, Charred Pineapple & Rocket Salad*   25
Vegan Pumpkin, Spinach & Truffle Risotto* (served as Entree or Main) 18 26

* Gluten Free.